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Already enhancing productivity for world-famous companies

Developed by our team of 50 professionals, Yaware apps are now used by over 35,000 customers around the world

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Measurement is the first step towards improvement

Yaware timetracker helps enhance workplace productivity via continuous activity assessment and analysis

Automated online and offline activity tracking

With Yaware, all activities are tracked automatedly, with no need to press Start/Stop including time spent for particular project, software, web resources, email/chat apps, phone calls and much more.

Evaluation and productivity boost by up to 400%!

Yaware time tracking will help you find out activities that take more time than needed, the most time consuming tasks, under- and overloaded employees, the reasons why projects are falling behind the schedule etc.

Works on Mac OS, Windows, Linux, IOS and Android

Yaware time tracking is available for any PC, tablet or a smartphone with one of the major operating systems. Evaluate and enhance productivity anytime, anywhere.

Use Yaware on computer tablet or mobile phone

Personal, team and enterprise time tracking

Yaware helps track time for individuals, freelancers, remote employees/offices, teams, and corporate users.

Time and productivity tracking

Wondering where all your time goes? Always a few days/hours behind the schedule? Evaluate your work in terms of speed and quality, examine efficiency patterns, dispose of time taking activities to witness the prompt productivity growth.

Effective overtime and flexitime management

Put an end to employee burnouts and offer recommendations on reorganizing their work pattern for higher productivity. Effectively manage any overtimes. Help employees working flexible time find out their most efficient hours etc.

Email and mobile notifications

Keep close to your team even from a distance. With Yaware.Timetracker daily/weekly/monthly notifications, you’ll be updated on their performance and efficiency all the time.

Automatic screenshots and snapshots

Yaware. Timetracker provides an insight into team interactions and collaboration. Dispel any doubts and see the progress on each project at any given moment thanks to screen captures and webcam snapshots.

Job performance

Refine your incentive plan to ensure fair rewards for each team member. Introduce new talent management system grounded on true accomplishments. Improve motivation thanks to measuring everyone’s exact productivity rate.

Software and Internet usage tracking

Find out how much time is spent on each application or website to the minute. Determine which software and web resources are necessary for work and which serve as distractions and should be avoided.

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Our satisfied and productive customers

Yaware.TimeTracker provides me with objective measures that I can use to monitor productivity and guide my developers to improve their performance. Great service and easy to use.
Peter Conrad
Peter Conrad Collateral Recovery Solutions
As a designer, Yaware.TimeTracker has really helped me personally become more productive. I know exactly where my time goes and how I can improve my day to day. Thoroughly recommended.
Geoff Biskupek
Geoff Biskupek Geneva Digital

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